Pretty much every unit can be broken into some combination of

The situation turned into a fiasco: After having Bagwell examined by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the team sought to have him declared totally disabled so as to recoup $15.6 million of his $17 million salary. The gambit failed, and Bagwell not only reported to spring training but also got into games, though he couldn’t make the necessary throws.

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NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang has been reporting on these lawsuits

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On Saturday, she tweeted again: is very surreal to see your spouse face all over TV and news outlets and know that that the only way you see him today. Friends: is there a guide to being a widow? I nervous and unsure I need a guide to follow. Heavily armed officers and about a dozen police vehicles encircled part of a neighbourhood not far from the shooting that killed Costello..

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