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Complete guide to the best hotels in AjmerTravellers from all parts of the country and the world visit Ajmer due to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah’s massive popularity. But then there are other major tourist sites in Ajmer that also attract the. MorePlaces to visit in Ajmer beyond its famous DargahThere are several lesser known places to visit in Ajmer, besides its most famous landmark, the Dargah of Moinuddin Chistim.

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Generally, 100 applicants are selected (for the internship)

DDA and other service providers will get 40% of the land for developing civic infrastructure.Land will be developed on the basis of sectors as delineated in the Zonal Development Plan. DDA officials say a sector will be considered for land pooling 70% contiguous land is available placed the new policy in public domain in January this year. In July, it held a public hearing where farmers, builders and other stakeholders raised their concerns regarding FAR and external development charges, among other issues.Environment activists say that the policy implementation should be the subject to the availability of water.development projects shouldn be allowed if DJB (Delhi Jal Board) can supply water.

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