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Anal fissures, as mentioned above, can be treated and healed naturally. There is no need to spend a lot of money on laxatives. There is no need to hunt jungles to find the next miracle herb. Cain said he then saw a woman also walking into the bank, and that people tried to get her attention, but she was wearing headphones and did not hear them.walked in the door and he shot her, Cain told The Enquirer, adding that he heard up to 15 shots fired.The Enquirer said some customers were hiding inside a bathroom at the bank, and that one gunshot victim was found inside a nearby ice cream shop.Another witness, Michael Richardson, who works in the Fifth Third Bank building, told the newspaper he was outside smoking a cigarette when he heard gunshots.looked behind me and saw the guy he shot and then he shot again. After that I started running, he told the Enquirer.Isaac told reporters the gunman weapon was recovered, but did not say what type of firearm he used.A spokeswoman for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said three men and one woman were treated there for gunshot wounds. Two of them died, one is in critical condition, and one was in serious condition, the spokeswoman said.The area around the bank was closed to pedestrians after the shooting.

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