It lodged a complaint to the CCPC (Competition and Consumer

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Fantasy Spin: In a statement put out Friday following the

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Here, you can update all aspects of your listing

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There’s really no way around it: the « notch » looks weird. Rubin has said the unseemly camera cutout is a necessary concession for the edge to edge display since putting the front facing camera on the bottom bezel would be even more awkward. It might even be a dealbreaker for some people, though it really didn’t bother me.

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Sergeant York (1941) Gary Cooper won his first Oscar as WW I hero Alvin York, a Tennessee backwoods farmer who was drafted into the Army, registered as a conscientious objector due to religious reasons, yet wound up being the most decorated solider of the war, having killed 32 German soldiers and capturing over 100 nearly singlehandedly one fateful day. To be sure, there’s more than a bit of mythmaking at work here, but Cooper’s modest, natural performance keeps the film grounded and the human element front and center. Shamelessly patriotic, this movie is often referred to as the first propaganda film of WW II as its subtext speaks to our joining the conflict as a moral obligation.

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My Husband Has a Crush on My Sister

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