» During a union campaign, it is illegal to promise workers a

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buy canada goose jacket Over the next seven months List called the Mazzas every few weeks to coach them on what they legally could and could not tell their employees. For instance, he told them, management should never « SPIT on workers, » an acronym that stands for « spy, promise, interrogate, or threaten. » During a union campaign, it is illegal to promise workers a raise if they vote against the union, to threaten to shut down the company if the union wins, or even to ask workers what their grievances are. Nor can management implement any substantive changes in pay, benefits, or employment policies during a union canada goose outlet toronto campaign: You can’t suddenly canada goose womens outlet give everyone a raise, or lower their health insurance contribution, or install air conditioning on the factory canada goose outlet black friday floor. buy canada goose jacket

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