One man directed his note at Robart

The UK doesn have an equivalent to the US Brewer Association of craft, but they still fine within the American definition, as arbitrary and dumb as their definition is.I get that the PE firm don have the same record of using the tactics employed by the likes of AB InBev and Heineken, but there still going to be the pressures on cost and profit that come with a major external investment.If you ever in the UK then wherever their bars are, there be other places you can drink.Great example is Dogfish Head inn. Small side project, people are going to travel to Lewes, DE for the beach anyway, DFH is something regional people are proud of and that has pedigree outside of the local area.Brewdog on the other hand is not something that is innately Ohian, or American for that matter. Its too niche to be known among macro drinkers, and its rep is suspect among beer nerds.

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